CenturyLink modem-less fiber connection

I was recently forced to switch from Comcast to CenturyLink following a move across town. The Comcast agent was no help in retaining me, and I actually got a call back from her manager inquiring at my low rating, but suffice to say Comcast couldn’t even confirm my new address. I won’t be missing that company.

CenturyLink on the other hand has been mostly snappy and surprisingly knowledgeable about their configuration. They had to drop a fiber line down from the utility pole and re-purposed the snipped cable line to get into the house (Comcast had no record of previous business at this address?), but then we were up and running with two proprietary devices of theirs: an Optical Network Terminator (ONT) and a ZyCell combination DSL modem and wireless router. I’d never seen anything like either, and it turns out you don’t need the modem/router if you have your own and are willing to play with some settings.

Optical Network Terminator left, ZyCell C1100z right.

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